A Journey of the Senses: A global fragrance experience

The Soul Purpose product line was created and developed by company Founder and CEO Nadine A. Thompson, who envisioned an artistic collection of products that would be both beautiful to behold with intriguing, classy packaging and equally as beautiful to touch, smell, feel and experience.  Her goal—with each product she develops—is to redefine the notions of beauty from a multicultural perspective, focusing on four categories:  body, beauty, style and spirit.

The Soul Purpose collection was developed with a global vision in the hope of utilizing earth friendly and socially responsible vendors from around the world, as well as using the highest quality natural ingredients and extracts. 

The fragrance line which is referred to as a Journey of the Senses is filled with exquisite fragrances, all inspired from various parts of the world and the ingredients found in these regions, such as Brazilian Jackfruit, Hawaiian Tuberose and Haitian Vetivért Pepper. 

Nadine’s vision is to deliver to her Soul Purpose customers an exquisite fragrance experience with perfume accords that they would not find elsewhere. It is also important that the fragrances have a global feel so the user can feel transported to exotic places like Thailand, Armenia, Ghana and the Caribbean.



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