Soul Purpose is a different kind of company. It is a company that embraces all that is deep and rich in life. A sense of calm. Days filled with gratitude. Nights filled with comfort and bliss. Beauty in your heart... in your skin... in your hair... in your relationships. Sounds and images that lift the spirit and put new rhythm into your step.

Welcome to Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company where you will experience not only new ways to illuminate your body, your beauty, your style and your spirit but also discover an attitude of prosperity and well-being that will help you make remarkable changes in your life and the lives of those around you. Dare we say Soul Purpose is the metamorphoses you've been seeking?

One important part of Soul Purpose is the Lifestyle Gathering. Here you will be guided on an exquisite journey of relaxation and sensual delight through the wonder of our naturally formulated products. Let me describe a typical Soul Purpose Lifestyle Gathering for you.

As you enter the home of the Soul Purpose LIfestyle host, you'll instantly inhale the intoxicating aroma of one of our soy candles. Perhaps tonight it's Brazilian Jackfruit or Haitian Vetivert Pepper. The room will be gently lit–easy on the eyes and soothing to the spirit. Soft music instantly speak to the rhythm in your heart. The day's tensions are already melting away and a sense of calm fills your body.

Elegantly displayed in the room will be a collection of our luxurious products–gels, lotions, body custards, therapeutic salves and foot products that will leave your skin as smooth as velvet. The Soul Purpose Entrepreneur will demonstrate the products and pamper you with scents and formulas that will quickly have you closing your eyes and say "ahhhh". You never knew products could make your skin feel so wonderful, or smell so luscious.

Now perfectly relaxed, you experiment with our earth friendly mineral makeup. The silky brushes dust your cheeks... your eyes... your forehead with sexy powder. Is that really you with a new healthy flow reflected in the mirror?

You learn about the journals and music that Soul Purpose musicians, writers and artists have created to help inspire your life. You are slightly envious of the beautiful gift Soul Purpose created to help inspire your life. You can read excerpts from individuals who have shared their unique Soul Purpose–their passion and how it guides them in fulfilling their dreams. Powerful words inspire you to think about your Soul Purpose–what ignites your spirit? What is your vision? How can you make the world a better place?

The conversations with those attending and with the Soul Purpose entrepreneur and host has been stimulating. You have made new friends, learned new things, developed a renewed sense of who you are and most importantly, what you can be. You leave soothed and pampered yet invigorated, excited about the products you'll soon be receiving and determined to share the Soul Purpose Lifestyle Gathering experience with everyone you know–women as well as men. Yes, your entire being has been illuminated–body, beauty, style and spirit. Who knew it could be such a fantastic experience?

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