We have partnered with other companies which include Youngevity, Sistah Talk, RainShadow Labs in St. Helen's Oregon, The Arc of San Diego, The Thompson Foundation for Africa, Hidden Beach Records, African Ancestry, MAMA-Africa, Camp Diva and Think Pink 360.

Soul Purpose is honored to be in partnership with Youngevity Essential Life Sciences; a dynamic company on a mission to help people reach their goals, both physically and financially. Youngevity is a technologically advanced nutritional company dedicated to improving lifestyles by promoting vibrant health and flourishing economics.
Due to this exclusive partnership with Youngevity, Soul Purpose is able to offer a world class and high quality line of nutritional products, award winning mineral makeup and a variety of other superior lifestyle products. Our Soul Purpose lifestyle entrepreneurs are able to benefit from one of the best and most lucrative compensation plans in the country, top notch operations and customer service support and state of the art information technology.
To learn more about Youngevity Essential Life Sciences, please visit them at www.Youngevity.com.

Sistah Talk

SISTAH TALK is a LIVE 1 hour TV talk show featuring a panel of black women and celebrity guest discussing news, hot topics & current events. Televised LIVE from NYC & simultaneously streamed online in real time. SAT. 2PM ET 11AM PT 7PM in the U.K

Nadine Thompson has been a guest several times on Sistah Talk and was proud to announce in spring 2011 a partnership with Sistah Talk inviting their viewers to join Soul Purpose as Lifestyle Entrepreneurs as well as provide gifts for winning viewers. Our hope is that Sistah Talk will help us achieve our goal of reaching out to women entrepreneurs around the world. Click here to join the Sistah Talk – Soul Purpose Team.

Rainshadow Labs
RainShadow Labs formulas meet the Whole Foods Premium Standards for Personal Care Products and we are in alliance with the National Products Association. Our formulations include raw materials that are kosher, vegan, and/or biodegradable.

No animal testing is ever done or supported by RainShadow Labs. We are a cruelty free operation.

Africa Fashion Week
The Soul Purpose Youngevity® Mineral Makeup was selected to be the official makeup sponsor for Africa Fashion Week.

The Arc of San Diego
The Arc of San Diego is the largest, most comprehensive provider of services to children and adults with disabilities in San Diego County.

Through classes, workshops, community living, and individualized counseling, the dedicated staff of The Arc patiently guides individuals with disabilities toward the most self-sufficient life possible. The ultimate goal of all programs and services at The Arc of San Diego is to help each individual reach their fullest level of independence.

Thompson Foundation for Africa
The Thompson Foundation for Africa hopes to encourage progressive human development on the continent of Africa. Through the creation and direct support of clean water projects, partnerships with educational institutions and enterprises, the creation and delivery of health services and health services institutions, and the support and development of emerging business ventures, TFA helps to insure delivery of solutions to fundamental human needs in a consistent and excellent manner. By encouraging and developing support for existing institutions bringing direct aid to citizens of the continent, TFA hopes to provide stability and respect to those on the front lines of caring for those most vulnerable members of the human family.

Hidden Beach
Hidden Beach is an American independent record label specializing in Urban Alternative, R&B, Soul, Inspirational and Contemporary Jazz music genres. Hidden Beach was formed in 1998 as the vision of its Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Steve McKeever and currently holds a distribution deal with Universal Music Distribution Group.

"We believe that far too often artists and record labels alike attempt to make music for radio. We believe this takes away from the purity of the art form and cheats the artist, the label, the consumer, and ironically, radio itself. The Hidden Beach artist is encouraged to stay true to their inner soul and emotional center. We believe this is the only way to build a career and create music that will last over time. We believe that we are in the "Miracle" business. The ability to capture the essence and passion of an artist and preserve it for generations to come is a special privilege, which we consider an immense honor and responsibility."

African Ancestry
African Ancestry is a company that transform the way people view themselves and the way they view Africa!

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Rick Kittles and Gina Paige, the Washington D.C. based company has today helped over an estimated 100,000 people re-connect with the roots of their family tree.

African Ancestry is the world leader in tracing maternal and paternal lineages of African descent. With the industry's largest and most comprehensive database of over 25,000 indigenous African DNA samples, African Ancestry determines specific countries, and more often than not, specific ethnic groups of origin with the highest level of detail, accuracy and confidence.

African Ancestry is committed to providing a unique service to the black community, working daily to improve the cultural, emotional, physical, spiritual and economic wellbeing of peoples across the African Diaspora.

MAMA-Africa's mission is to enable a better quality of life for women and children whose lives have been affected by HIV in rural Sub-Saharan Africa.

There are some 11 million AIDS orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa, many of whom are in child-headed families. A child lacking at least one parent is defined by WHO to be an orphan in the African context. The family provides the basic structure for learning and growing up to be a responsible adult; without the family, the future for the children is bleak. MAMA-Africa provides the children with hope for a brighter future.

Why focus on women? Women are the caregivers in African society. Women have undertaken the care of children orphaned by AIDS in rural villages. The UN and other organizations have shown that the most effective tool to bring about change and to reduce poverty is the empowerment of women. MAMA-Africa supports women and their efforts to care for children in their village.

Camp Diva
Camp Diva provides opportunities for girls to prepare themselves spiritually physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and culturally for their passage into womanhood.

Think Pink 360
The Think Pink Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit organisation. We dedicate all of our energies and the funds we raise to assist women and men with breast cancer, providing holistic support throughout their journey.


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