Our logo is a beautiful red star called Nsoromma;
an Adinkra symbol from West Africa.

Translated Nsoromma means "Children of the heavens". Nsoromma is meant to convey the actual meaning of stars, with the cosmological understanding that the stars, the lesser lights of the sky, visible only in the darkness, are the children of the sun and the moon, the father and mother of heaven.






- A symbol of guardianship and a reminder that God is the father and watches over all people. It is meant to communicate constancy, and the benevolent protection of the Creator, hence, guardianship, and to evoke the matchless comfort young children know because of the protection of family, especially the parents.

- It communicates the power of light, or illumination, embodying the concept of light cursing darkness.

"We embody this concept by caring for those often overlooked, and by dedicating ourselves to the care of those who may otherwise not know opportunity. Our service is to those in need of support as they pursue their stars, their highest level of achievement. Nsoromma hopes that it will serve as God's lights on earth, and will, in fact, encourage each one to reach for her star."
- Rev. Robert H. Thompson


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