I believe that everybody has a purpose, everyone a calling and potential that continues to be revealed as we live out the journey of our lives. My vision is to support those individuals who want to tap into their passion, potential and purpose by creating an empowering community and environment in which to do so.

My vision with Soul Purpose was to create a company that would offer a rich and diverse global perspective on many levels. I wanted to develop beauty and wellness products that were highly differentiated and contained natural, botanical-based ingredients—products that would enable people to experience universal beauty that would speak to the mind, the body and the spirit.

In designing Soul Purpose, I also wanted to foster an environment that would give people of all racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds an entrepreneurial opportunity that fosters true wealth creation—so they are empowered to pursue their dreams and also have the means to make a difference in many others' lives.

I believe that a company should make social responsibility an integral part of its day-to-day operation, and at Soul Purpose we strive to create partnerships that will help us strengthen the cultures and economic viability of those who provide us with many of our product ingredients. We also work hard to reduce our carbon footprint on the earth, and we continually seek new relationships with organizations that are committed to improving lives.

Our Soul Purpose products are designed to inspire, soothe, rejuvenate and empower the very essence of you—from deep within your soul to your unique spirit, and from head to toe. Discovering and embracing your magnificence—spiritually and physically—is at the heart of everything Soul Purpose does.

We are very blessed to partner with the Youngevity® Essential Life Sciences family of companies which enables us to offer our Entrepreneurs and customers Youngevity®'s many high quality beauty and wellness products, like Healthy-Chocolate™ and Youngevity® Mineral Makeup. I also encourage you to visit us on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for our
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My goal is to change the world one day and one person at a time. To celebrate the world's multi-cultural diversity. To make the world a better place. I believe with all of my heart that empowerment is universal and that everyone has the right and the potential to live with true purpose and in harmony with the beauty of their souls.

I hope you enjoy this site and I look forward to hearing from you and helping you discover your own unique and magnificent soul purpose.

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